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Realistic animatronic wild bear model for sale
Realistic animatronic wild bear model for sale
  • Realistic animatronic wild bear model for sale

Realistic animatronic wild bear model for sale

Product Description

We create this realistic animatronic wild boar for theme park and also offer wide range of lifelike animatronic animals for  theme

park,zoo,museums and other entertainment venues.The animatronic animal models price will vary depending on the level of realism, size, and features of the model. Customization service fit for your needs.

Realistic animatronic wild bear model for sale
Realistic animatronic wild bear model for sale

Realistic animatronic wild bear model for sale


  1. mouth open and close with sounds                             

  2. eyes blink

  3. head up and down,left to right                                     

  4. neck up and down,left to right                                                            

  5. chest raises / falls to mimic breathing

  6. tail sway                                                                         

Additional Movement:

  7.water spray                                                          

  8. smoke spray

  9. tongue moves in and out

 10. walking                                                              

high quality Animatronic Dinosaur Omeisaurus for dinosaur parkRealistic animatronic deer model for exhibition

1.Size: life size or customized


3.Min.Order Quantity:1 piece

4.Lead time:20 days or depends on order quantity

5.Power:110/220V, AC, 200-800W.

6.Color:Any color is available.Customers can customize all kinds of animals

Note:All the animal models can be customized according to your requirements. Inquire now to see how we can help with your project.

Main Materials

Animatronic Animals life size rhinoceros models for zoo

Main materials:

  1.Stainless steel frame

  2.CE proved brush or brushless motors

  3.High quality Silicone Rubber

  4.High Density sponge

  5.Hand drawings

  6.Artificial fur

  Note:All our animals' materials have the necessary corresponding certificates, such as CE, UL, ISO9001:2008, and reached excellent environmental protecting standards.we can also choose the new materials according to your requirements.


Animatronic Animals life size rhinoceros models for zoo

1.Control box in rockery

2.Infrared Sensors

3.Speaker in rockery

4.Fiberglass rockery

5.Plug(for different countries)


7.Fuse box(backup at horizontal position)

These are our main accessories. we can also provide other accessories according to your requirements, such as :coin box, artificial trees,led lights,background painting and much more!


An animatronic wild boar model, similar to other animatronic animal models, serves various purposes in different settings. Some common uses of an animatronic wild boar model include:

1.Entertainment and Amusement Parks: Animatronic wild boar models are frequently used in amusement parks and wildlife-themed attractions to create realistic and interactive environments. They add excitement and enhance the overall visitor experience.

2.Film and Television Productions: In the film and television industry, animatronic wild boar models can be employed as stand-ins for real animals during scenes that may be dangerous or difficult to capture with live animals. They help filmmakers achieve more controlled and repeatable shots.

3.Hunting and Shooting Simulations: In shooting ranges or simulation centers, animatronic wild boar models may be used to create lifelike hunting scenarios for training and recreational purposes.

4.Education and Wildlife Conservation: Animatronic wild boar models can be valuable educational tools, especially in museums, nature centers, and educational programs. They allow visitors to learn about wild boar behavior, habitat, and conservation efforts in an engaging manner.

5.Halloween and Haunted Attractions: During Halloween events and haunted houses, animatronic wild boar models can be used to add a scary and thrilling element to the spooky ambiance.

6.Retail and Visual Merchandising: Retail stores with outdoor or wildlife-themed displays might use animatronic wild boar models to attract customers and create a unique shopping experience.

7.Public Events and Festivals: Animatronic wild boar models can be featured in public events, fairs, and festivals as part of exhibits or interactive displays.

8.Themed Restaurants and Hotels: Some themed restaurants and hotels may incorporate animatronic wild boar models as part of their decor to immerse guests in a specific ambiance or theme.

9.Nature and Wildlife Photography: Photographers may use animatronic wild boar models to capture realistic shots of animals in their natural habitats without disturbing real wildlife.

10.Zoos and Wildlife Parks: Some zoos and wildlife parks might use animatronic wild boar models as part of their exhibits, especially if real animals are challenging to house or display.

Overall, animatronic wild boar models find use in a wide range of applications, from entertainment and education to wildlife conservation and research, offering a lifelike and interactive experience in various contexts.

  • CE

  • IS09001

  • IS09001

  • Certificate



1.Q: How does an animatronic wild boar work?

   A: Animatronic wild boar models are powered by motors and electronic components that control their movements, such as walking, head tilting, and other gestures. Some models may also have sound effects to enhance realism.

2.Q: Is the animatronic wild boar safe to operate?

A:Yes, animatronic wild boar models are designed to be safe when used correctly. They typically come with safety features and are constructed with materials that meet safety standards.

3.Q: Are animatronic wild boar models customizable?

 A:Actually, YES! Some manufacturers offer customizable animatronic wild boar models with options for different colors, sizes, and movements. However, off-the-shelf models are more common and readily available.

4.Q:Can you produce any kinds of dinosaurs /animals?

   A:Yes!If you can not find your preferred dinosaur/animals style, you can Email us dinosaur/animals that you are interested in! Based on over 10 years technology & Experience,we can provide any kind of dinosaurs/animals at any size ,any appearance....

5.How can we place the order?


   A:Please Email us your preferred item No. Quotation will be offered ASAP.

6.How do I control the movements and sounds of the animatronic wild boar?


   A:The control of the animatronic wild boar's movements and sounds depends on the specific model. Some come with remote controls, while others are pre-programmed with a set of actions.

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