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Saber Toothed Tiger Ice Age Animals Models Animatronic Smilodon
Saber Toothed Tiger Ice Age Animals Models Animatronic Smilodon
  • Saber Toothed Tiger Ice Age Animals Models Animatronic Smilodon

Saber Toothed Tiger Ice Age Animals Models Animatronic Smilodon

Product Description

Smilodon and the saber-toothed tiger (saber-toothed cat) are genus members of the extinct machairodont subfamily of the felids. It is one of the most famous prehistoric mammals and the best-known saber-toothed cat. Although commonly known as the saber-toothed tiger, it was not closely related to the tiger or other modern cats.

Support global shipment! The animatronic smilodon models Dino Walk makes are professional, innovative, and stable for entire service life. With the background of ancient times, animatronic smilodon can be utilized for project displays to realize incredible effects.

Ice Age Series Animatronic Smilodon for Sale


  1. mouth open and close with sounds                             

  2. eyes blink

  3. head up and down,left to right                                     

  4. neck up and down,left to right                                                            

  5. chest raises / falls to mimic breathing

  6. tail sway      


  Additional Movement:

  7. water spray                                                          

  8. smoke spray

  9. tongue moves in and out

  10. walking  


  Please contact with us for any special movement.                                                            

high quality Animatronic Dinosaur Omeisaurus for dinosaur park

high quality saber toothed tiger animatronic animals model custom

1.Size: life size or customized


3.Min.Order Quantity:1 piece

4.Lead time:20 days or depends on order quantity

5.Power:110/220V, AC, 200-800W.

6.Color:Any color is available. 

Note: Customers can customize all kinds of animatronic animals modelsWe have the ability to design and customize animatronic models per your specifications. Inquire now to see how we can help with your project.

Animatronic Smilodon Details

Animatronic Animals life size rhinoceros models for zoo

  Main materials:

  1.Stainless steel frame

  2.CE proved brush or brushless motors

  3.High quality Silicone Rubber

  4.High Density sponge

  5.hand drawings

  6.simulation fur

  Note: All our materials of saber toothed tiger animatronic animals model have the necessary corresponding certificates, such as CE, UL, ISO9001:2008, and reached excellent environmental protecting standards.we can also choose the new materials according to your requirements.

Animatronic Smilodon Accessories

Animatronic Animals life size rhinoceros models for zoo

1.Control box in rockery

2.Infrared Sensors

3.Speaker in rockery

4.Fiberglass rockery

5.Plug(for different countries)


7.Fuse box(backup at horizontal position)

These are our main accessories. we can also provide other accessories according to your requirements, such as :coin box, artificial trees,led lights,background painting and much more! Offering a variety of delivery options to our customers.  Contact us to discuss specific details.

  • CE

  • IS09001

  • IS09001

  • Certificate


Q1: What is a Saber Toothed Tiger?

A1: saber-toothed tiger, also known as a Smilodon, was a prehistoric big cat that lived during the Pleistocene epoch, approximately 2.5 million to 10,000 years ago. It was characterized by its massive size, powerful build, and long, curved canine teeth, which could grow up to 7 inches in length.

Q2: What is an animatronic model of a Saber Toothed Tiger?

A2: An animatronic model of a Saber Toothed Tiger is a robotic replica of the extinct animal that uses electronic and mechanical systems to mimic its movements, sounds, and behaviors. These models are often used in museums, theme parks, and other attractions to educate visitors about the fascinating creature and its habitat. We are professional manufacturer of all kinds of Animatronic Products, such as Life Size Dinosaurs, every sorts of Animals. Demension can be 2mts --- 30mts long.

Saber Toothed Tiger Ice Age Animals Models Animatronic Smilodon

Q3: How accurate is the animatronic Smilodon compared to real Smilodons? 

A3: The animatronic Smilodon strives for accuracy based on available scientific knowledge and fossil evidence. While it may not be 100% precise, it aims to capture the essence and appearance of the real creature as closely as possible.

Q4: Where can I see the animatronic Smilodon?

A4: Animatronic Saber Toothed Tigers can be found in various locations, including natural history museums, science centers, wildlife parks, theme parks, educational exhibits, and special events related to paleontology or prehistoric life. Some examples include the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C., the San Diego Natural History Museum in California, and the Royal BC Museum in Victoria, Canada.

Q5: Are there different types of Saber Toothed Tigers?

A5: Yes, there were several species of saber-toothed tigers throughout history, all belonging to the genus Smilodon. The most well-known species is Smilodon populator, which lived in North and South America during the late Pleistocene epoch. Other species, such as Smilodon gracilis and Smilodon fatalis, inhabited regions like Europe and Asia. Customized your Animatronic Tiger.

Q6: Is the animatronic Smilodon suitable for educational purposes?

A6: Yes, the animatronic Smilodon can be an excellent educational tool, providing a hands-on and immersive experience for learning about prehistoric animals, their behavior, and their environment during the Ice Age.

Q7: How is the animatronic Smilodon powered?

A7: The animatronic Smilodon is typically powered by electricity, with internal motors and mechanisms driving its movements. It also incorporate batteries for remote operation or backup power.

Q8: Can they operate well outside in the Rain and Sunshine?

 A8: Actually, YES! As we've already done many many experiments about this issue, the Conclusion is: still can work well. For we have special materials on the skin of the Dinosaurs, which pretect them from water, sunshine etc.... 

Q9: Is the animatronic Smilodon safe for children?

A9: While the animatronic Smilodon is generally safe for children to observe in controlled environments such as museums, it's important to follow any safety guidelines provided by the exhibit organizers. Direct interaction may be limited or supervised to prevent accidents.

Q10: Can I buy a toy or replica of a Saber Toothed Tiger?

Yes, there are many replica model options available for purchase online. These range from small plastic figurines to detailed resin casts of fossilized remains. Please Email (helenli@dino-walk.com) us your preferred item No. Quotation will be offered ASAP. 

If you can not find your preferred tigers/animals style, you can contact us that you are interested in! Based on over 10 years technology & Experience,we can provide any kind of tigers/animals at any size ,any appearance....

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