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Animatronic Dinosaur

Animatronic Dinosaur Simulation Raptor Model
Animatronic Dinosaur Simulation Raptor ModelAnimatronic Dinosaur Simulation Raptor ModelAnimatronic Dinosaur Simulation Raptor ModelAnimatronic Dinosaur Simulation Raptor Model
  • Animatronic Dinosaur Simulation Raptor Model
  • Animatronic Dinosaur Simulation Raptor Model
  • Animatronic Dinosaur Simulation Raptor Model
  • Animatronic Dinosaur Simulation Raptor Model

Animatronic Dinosaur Simulation Raptor Model

Product Description

Animatronic Raptors


  1. mouth open and close with sounds                             

  2. eyes blink

  3. head up and down,left to right                                     

  4. neck up and down,left to right

  5. forelimbs move                                                             

  6. chest raises / falls to mimic breathing

  7. tail sway                                                                         

  8. front body up and down, left to right

  Additional movement:

  9. water spray                                                          

  10. smoke spray

  11. wings flap                                                           

  12. tongue moves in and out

  13. walking                                                              

high quality Animatronic Dinosaur Omeisaurus for dinosaur parkHigh Quality Animatronic Raptor for Dinosaur Park

1.Size: life size or customized


3.Min.Order Quantity:1 piece

4.Lead time:20 days or depends on order quantity

5.Power:110/220V, AC, 200-800W.

6.Color: Any color is available. Customers can customize all kinds of dinosaurs

Note: All the Raptor Animatronics can be customized according to your requirements. Inquire now to see how we can help with your project.

Main Materials of Raptor Animatronic:

high quality Animatronic Dinosaur Omeisaurus for dinosaur park

  1.Stainless steel frame

  2.CE proved brush or brushless motors

  3.High quality Silicone Rubber

  4.High Density sponge

  5.hand drawings

  Note: All our Raptor Animatronic materials have the necessary corresponding certificates, such as CE, UL, and ISO9001:2008, and reached excellent environmental protecting standards. we can also choose the new materials according to your requirements.

Velociraptor Animatronic Accessories:

high quality Animatronic Dinosaur Omeisaurus for dinosaur park

1.Control box in rockery

2.Infrared Sensors

3.Speaker in rockery

4.Fiberglass rockery

5.Plug(for different countries)


7.Fuse box(backup at horizontal position)

These are our main accessories. we can also provide other accessories according to your requirements, such as a coin box, artificial trees, led lights, background painting and much more!

Animatronic Raptor Usage:

Animatronic raptors are versatile marvels that find applications across various industries. From captivating entertainment experiences to educational settings, their lifelike movements and realistic features serve a multitude of purposes.

1. Entertainment and Theme Parks: Animatronic raptors steal the spotlight in theme parks, providing thrilling encounters for visitors. Their dynamic movements, roaring sounds, and interactive capabilities create unforgettable and immersive experiences.

2. Film and Television: Animatronic raptors play pivotal roles in bringing prehistoric worlds to life on the big screen. Their lifelike appearance and realistic motions contribute to the authenticity of movie scenes set in different eras.

3. Education and Museums: In educational settings, animatronic raptors act as interactive teaching tools. They offer an engaging way to learn about the past, helping students and museum-goers connect with history and science.

4. Events and Exhibitions: From corporate events to trade shows, animatronic raptors add a unique and attention-grabbing element to exhibitions. Their presence draws crowds and generates interest in products or themes.

5. Science Communication: Animatronic raptors play a vital role in science communication, enabling experts to engage audiences in discussions about paleontology, evolution, and the natural world.

6. Public Spaces: Placed in public spaces, animatronic raptors captivate passersby, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of parks, gardens, and city centers.

7. Research and Development: In the field of robotics, studying the intricate movements and mechanisms of animatronic raptors contributes to advancements in robotics and animatronics technology.

8. Entertainment Centers: Animatronic raptors are often featured in indoor entertainment centers, arcades, and family-oriented venues, offering entertainment and excitement for all ages.

9. Advertising and Marketing: Businesses leverage animatronic raptors as attention-grabbing marketing tools, making their promotions and campaigns stand out.

10. Interactive Learning: Animatronic raptors make learning enjoyable and interactive, particularly in science centers, zoos, and educational institutions.

Versatile and captivating, animatronic raptors have transcended their roles in entertainment to become powerful tools in education, marketing, and beyond. Their lifelike movements and features continue to captivate and inspire people across diverse industries and settings.

  • CE

  • IS09001

  • IS09001

  • Certificate

FAQ about Animatronic Raptor:

1. Q: What can we do for you?

A: We are a professional manufacturer of all kinds of Animatronic Products, such as Life Size Dinosaurs, and every sort of Animal. Dimension can be 2mts --- 30mts long.

2. Q: Can they operate well outside in the Rain and Sunshine?

A: Actually, YES! As we've already done many many experiments about this issue, the Conclusion is: still can work well. For we have special materials on the skin of the Dinosaurs, which protect them from water, sunshine, etc.... 

3. Q: Can you produce any kinds of dinosaurs /animals?

A: Yes! If you can not find your preferred dinosaur/animal style, you can Email us the dinosaur/animals that you are interested in! Based on over 10 years of technology & Experience, we can provide any kind of dinosaur/animal of any size, any appearance...

4. Q: How can we place the order?

A: Please Email us your preferred item No. Quotation will be offered ASAP.

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