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Animatronic Insects

Realistic giant animatronic dragonfly model.
Realistic giant animatronic dragonfly model.
  • Realistic giant animatronic dragonfly model.

Realistic giant animatronic dragonfly model.

Product Description

Animatronic Insects


  1. Head up and down,left to right                                     

  2. Neck up and down,left to right                                                            

  3.Wings moving                                                                    


high quality Animatronic Dinosaur Omeisaurus for dinosaur park

Realistic giant animatronic dragonfly model

1.Size: life size or customized


3.Min.Order Quantity:1 piece

4.Lead time:20 days or depends on order quantity

5.Power:110/220V, AC, 200-800W.

6.Color:Any color is available.Customers can customize all kinds of insect models

Note:All the insects models can be customized according to your requirements. Inquire now to see how we can help with your project.

Main Materials

huge Scorpion model

Main materials:

  1.Stainless steel frame

  2.CE proved brush or brushless motors

  3.High quality Silicone Rubber

  4.High Density sponge

  5.hand drawings

  Note:All our Insects' materials have the necessary corresponding certificates, such as CE, UL, ISO9001:2008, and reached excellent environmental protecting standards.we can also choose the new materials according to your requirements.


huge Scorpion model

1.Control box in rockery

2.Infrared Sensors

3.Speaker in rockery

4.Fiberglass rockery

5.Plug(for different countries)


7.Fuse box(backup at horizontal position)

These are our main accessories. we can also provide other accessories according to your requirements, such as :coin box, artificial trees,led lights,background painting and much more!



Attraction and promotion:1.amusement park  ,2.theme park,3.museum  ,4.playground,5.city plaza ,6.shopping mall,7.other indoor /outdoor venues.

This reaslistic giant animatronic butterfly sculpture is not only a good choice for decoration items, but also a kind of praise and inheritance of natural ecology. With its unique artistic charm, it attracts people's attention and makes people feel the magic and beauty of nature. 

This giant animatronic insect butterfly can be placed in public places such as parks, squares, gardens, etc. 

Realistic giant animatronic dragonfly model.

Realistic giant animatronic dragonfly model.

  • CE

  • IS09001

  • IS09001

  • Certificate



1.Q: What can we do for you?

   A: We are professional manufacturer of all kinds of Animatronic Products, such as Life Size Dinosaurs, every sorts of Animals,fiberglass dinosaurs,animatronic insects models,dinosaur /animals fosiil&skeleton.               Customization service is supported.

2.Q: What movements can they perform?

A:Movements including: Eyes Blinking, Mouth Open and Close, Head left to Right, Neck Rolling, Breathing, Tail Moving etc.... with alive roaring sound and realistic look! Just like real ones.......

3.Q: Can they operate well outside in the Rain and Sunshine?

 A:Actually, YES! As we've already done many many experiments about this issue, the Conclusion is: still can work well. For we have special materials on the skin of the Dinosaurs, which pretect them from water, sunshine etc.... 

4.Q:Can you produce any kinds of dinosaurs /animals?

   A:Yes!If you can not find your preferred dinosaur/animals style, you can Email us dinosaur/animals that you are interested in! Based on over 10 years technology & Experience,we can provide any kind of dinosaurs/animals at any size ,any appearance....

5.How can we place the order?


   A:Please Email us your preferred item No. Quotation will be offered ASAP.

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