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Dinosaur Costumes

Realistic Dinosaur costume is a full-body costume,which is the appearance of a dinosaur. These dinosaur costumes are worn by performers at various events, Halloween show,theme park show,birthday party and others venues.Usually there are 2 kinds of dinosaur costume:hidden legs and visible legs.They can be devided into 2 kinds if from operator number point:one-person dinosaur costume (T-Rex costume)and two-persons dinosaur costume(triceraptops costume).One more devide way :fabric dinosaur costume (lighter)and silicone rubber dinosaur costume (more heavier)

Dino Walk provide realistic dinosaur costumes, dragon costumes, animals costumes ,gorilla costume and other customized dinosaur costumes, we have created costumes of T-Rex, raptor, triceratops, spinosaurus, dilophosaurus, lion, dragon,and new developed walking dinosaur costume riders for parks, events, and parties. If you are looking for Animal Costume Suppliers, welcome to contact us.

Dinosaur Costume Application

Dinosaur Costumes Factory

You Can See the Realistic Dinosaur Costume in

● Theme Parks

● Movie Theaters

● Playgrounds

● Shopping Malls

● Restaurants

● Festival Events

● Cosplay Parties

● Birthday Parties

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We provide custom service for every customer from costume frame structure to the colors and texture of the skin. Our goal is to give every performer the best operating experience. Contact us for the latest price, all the costumes support global shipment and flight case packing.

FAQ about Dinosaur Costume

1. What's a Dinosaur Costume?

A realistic dinosaur costume product is a model of dinosaurs made from lightweight mechanical structures and lightweight composite materials for the skin. This skin is more durable, breathable, environmentally friendly, and odorless. Simulation dinosaur costumes are manually operated and equipped with a cooling fan in it to lower the internal temperature. The chest also has a camera for performers to see outside. Our animatronic dinosaur costume weighs about 18 kilograms in total.

2. What is dinosaur costume size and weight?

Usual dinosaur costume is 4 meters curve length and around 1.8-2 meters height,the fabric type dinosaur costume is around 21KG.The silicone rubber dinosaur costume is around 24KG.

3. What are dinosaur costume materials?

Our realistic dinosaur costume are made from stainless steel,high density foam and silicone rubber or fabric.


4. How do you packing the dinosaur costume?

We use bubble film to packing dinosaur costume first then put it into wooden box,the packing size is:2.44m*1.06m*1.06m=2.7cbm.The gross weight are around 120KG.

5.What accessory is included for dinosaur costume?

Steel standing,camera,monitor,fan,speaker,battery,battery charge,and some necessary repair materials.

6.How tall should be the operator to be able to wear the dinosaur costume?

Our realistic dinosaur costume is suitable for 1.6-1.85m height performer,usually the dinosaur costume is customized based on performer's height.

Dino Walk specializes in realistic dinosaur costumes, raptor costume, dragon costumes, and animatronic dinosaur costumes. Our realistic dinosaur costume product can bring joy and happiness to people and help our partners grow their businesses.  Dino Walk factory can customize regular, hidden legs and two-people control dinosaur costumes, also we have updated material for dinosaur skin which is more lighter, product catalogs are available, Inquiry Now!

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