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Amusement Park Cartoon Animal Kiddie Ride Model

Dec. 25, 2023

Our Italy client ordered these cute cartoon animal and dinosaur ride for his amusement park and dinosaur theme show. Small animal dinosaur kiddie ride equipment is very popular among amusement equipment.This kind of animal dinosaur kiddie ride with cute appearance and unique shape. 

More animals dinosaur kiddie ride colors and shape can be customization. It also comes with rich sound and lighting effects. When children step on the pedals and start animal or dinosaur car, the lights on the car will light up, as if they have entered the animal or dinosaur forest. it brings a new sense to the children’s experience. There is a display,which will show the running time and battery power. The small dinosaur kiddie ride can be coin operation and remote control.

Amusement park cartoon animal kiddie ride model

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