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Animated Dinosaur Making Process And Common Types

Dec. 17, 2019

For dinosaur fans, in addition to seeing the dinosaurs on the movie screen, visiting a large animated dinosaur booth and making a close observation contact with the production of realistic dinosaurs must also be a thing that must not be missed. Dinosaur models can be used to organize large exhibition stands, as well as events on a variety of themes. So, how exactly is an animated dinosaur model made? Animal Costume Manufacturer will take everyone to understand in detail below.

1, choose the material

The realistic effects of animated dinosaur models are closely related to the selection of materials. The main materials commonly used are sponge foam, glass steel, and cement sculptures, and the skeleton of dinosaurs is constructed of steel bars. Some dinosaurs can move their joints and make sounds because they are equipped with a motor and sound control device. If you want the dinosaurs to glow, you can install a small light bulb as a light source.

2, common types

According to different manufacturing methods and selected materials, there are two main types of animated dinosaur models, as follows:

The first type of static dinosaur sculpture, that is, steel bars are used as skeleton joints, cement sculpture or glass steel material is filled as muscle skin, so this type of animated dinosaurs only have realistic dinosaur appearance but cannot do mechanical movement:

The second type of Animatronic Dinosaur uses steel bone racks, but is filled with sponge foam or other special soft materials as muscle skin. This type of touch is also very realistic, and it can also move joints, make roars, and swing the tail. The effect can almost be false.

Animatronic Dinosaur

Animatronic Dinosaur

3, the main purpose

In fact, we often see animated dinosaurs in life, especially after learning about dinosaurs in the famous Hollywood blockbuster Jurassic Park. More and more people are interested in dinosaurs. The important use is to hold various exhibition activities. Many exhibition halls, real estate openings, real estate activities, large shopping malls, theme booths, theme parks, large science and technology museums, square schools and some theme art museums will be used. Animated dinosaur model.

So, do many people like dinosaur models? For the organizer of the exhibition booth, the audience's preferences and responses are the most important. Then, can animated dinosaurs be used as exhibits to attract the audience? The answer is yes, especially for adults who work long-term. In their spare time, they can take their children out of a bunch of electronic devices, participate in a very interesting dinosaur exhibition, and Dinosaur Costume. The child's curiosity can increase the interaction between himself, which is really appropriate. For adults and children, participating in a large-scale, realistic and animated dinosaur exhibition is a new and interesting and coveted thing.

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