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Attention To Getting On And Off At The Animated Dinosaur Exhibition

Dec. 25, 2019

What should we pay special attention to when getting on and off the car when doing the animated dinosaur exhibition? Why pay attention to getting on and off? What should be noticed when getting on and off the animated dinosaur exhibition? Getting on and off during the animated dinosaur exhibition is related to whether the entire event is completed on time or not. It is also the starting point for the safety attention of the entire event. The following Museum Dinosaur Manufacturer will talk to you one by one to let everyone know what to do when making dinosaurs.

First of all, answer "Why pay attention to getting on and off?" When we asked the dinosaur company to fix the dinosaur model, after agreeing on the departure time, we will face the first time to get in the dinosaur warehouse. Yes, if you are careless when you get on the car for the first time, you may damage the dinosaur model while the forklift or crane is working. Of course, if professional dinosaur models like Shanghai Jinbo Culture are damaged, they can be repaired, but after all, dinosaurs like us are a minority. Therefore, we must pay attention to the dinosaur model getting on the bus this time, not only the safety of the dinosaur model but also the safety of the staff.

Animatronic Dinosaur

Animatronic Dinosaur

Then we answer "What are the things to note when getting on and off at the Animatronic Dinosaur exhibition?" Based on our more than 10 years of experience in animated dinosaur exhibitions, we conclude the following:

1. The personal safety of the staff. The staff is the first person in contact with the dinosaur model, and is the front-line construction staff. If you use a forklift to get on and off, be careful not to crush the wheels of the forklift. Never stand on the fork of a forklift, let alone in front of or behind the forklift, these places are very dangerous.

2. Observe the relevant regulations when getting on and off the car with a crane. Do not stand under the boom of the crane. When using the strap, select it according to the size of its dinosaur. The staff in charge and under the car is best equipped with a safety helmet, so as to prevent the hook from hurting people. If conditions permit, an additional commander can be added. The commander is equipped with a walkie-talkie to communicate with the crane master.

3. Regardless of whether it is a crane or a forklift, we should pay attention to the idea of slowing down but also being safe. Always put safety first.

4. The super large dinosaur model generally requires a crane when it needs to be assembled. When it is installed on the site, there are often surrounding residents to watch. At this time, we must pay attention to the safety line, so that everyone can watch outside the safety line. Walking around the work area.

5. When you are getting on and off the animated dinosaur model, please pay attention to the material on the car. You often hear that some of the dinosaur company materials have forgotten to get off the car, or have forgotten to get on the car at the scene.

Finally, let's answer the question that we should pay special attention to when getting on and off the car when doing an animated dinosaur exhibition. In summary, it is not difficult for everyone to see that we have been emphasizing safety issues, whether people are safe or dinosaur items. They are all places that deserve special attention. In fact, as long as you are "attentive, compliant, and not in a hurry", you can ensure that a large dinosaur activity can be carried out safely. The above are some of the things we should pay attention to when getting on and off the animated dinosaur exhibition. If there are deficiencies, I hope everyone will raise them and let us learn together.

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