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How To Calculate The Cost Of Animation Dinosaur Production?

Jul. 06, 2020

Animatronic Dinosaur is also Artificial Animatronic Dinosaur model. It is made of a steel frame, sponge as muscle filling, combined with elastic cloth and silicone skin. It can achieve the effect of kinetic energy in function. It is suitable for marketing activities and cultural science exhibitions.

According to the different functions and varieties of animation dinosaurs, the production cost can be calculated based on the amount of money per meter plus the custom fee. The Animatronic Dinosaur Supplier will give an example below.

For a 4 meter animated dinosaur, the most basic functions include roaring, blinking, head movement, and tail swing. According to the Tyrannosaurus rex calculation, it is about 2300 yuan per meter. For the larger triceratops, stegosaurus, ankylosaurus and other herbivorous dinosaurs, the cost per meter is about 2,500 yuan.

coin-operated animatronic brachiosaurus dinosaur rides

coin-operated animatronic brachiosaurus dinosaur rides

When the size of the animated dinosaur reaches 8 meters in length, due to the large volume, the thickness of the production material and the higher labour requirements, the price per meter will rise. The specific increase depends on the variety and function of the dinosaur. If it is a long neck, brachiosaurus For Lianglong, the increase was smaller. If it is a four-legged fat dinosaur, the increase is larger.

The above is the basic price. The specific cost depends on the region of use, production standards and duration, after-sale time requirements, and the price will fluctuate within a small range, such as outdoor use in northern areas, strong seasonal sunshine, and snow in winter, long after-sales time, Production costs will definitely increase.

Summary: Although the cost of animation dinosaur production will be affected by many factors, the change is inseparable, basically can be calculated according to 2000-3200 per meter. This is a relatively regular price range, as long as it is not particularly required, it can be made at this cost.


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