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Daily Maintenance And Maintenance Of Animated Dinosaurs

Jan. 08, 2020

The Animatronic Dinosaur exhibition appears more and more frequently in your eyes. Some layman companies have also followed suit to buy several animated dinosaurs, and they often buy them at low prices. There is an old saying that one price is one price, and the low-price product directly determines the quality of animated dinosaur products. You can think about the original origin of animated dinosaurs in the same place. Why can he be lower than the market price under the same artificial materials How about it? Unless the quality of the materials is reduced, the three-prop process should have been completed in two steps, and the national standard materials should be used for non-standard ones. Many people buy animated dinosaurs, which will cause various problems in less than a year.

Animatronic Dinosaur

Animatronic Dinosaur

Today, the supplier of Outdoor Display Dinosaurs Park will tell you about the daily maintenance and maintenance of animated dinosaurs. Animated dinosaurs are most afraid of the sun in summer. Therefore, it is best to choose animated dinosaurs in the spring and autumn. The north is too cold in winter, and animated dinosaurs are prone to failure. Regular maintenance can increase the life of animated dinosaur models. It can also make animated dinosaurs more stable in use. The basic maintenance has the following three points:

1. Maintenance of the animated dinosaur skin;

2. Maintenance of the animated dinosaur internal transmission;

3. Maintenance of the animated dinosaur control box.

Let's talk about the first point of maintaining the skin of an animated dinosaur. Whether an animated dinosaur is new or old is our first impression. Of course, it depends on whether the outer skin is old or new. The animated dinosaur skin of some companies is very worn and cannot be exhibited after being pulled to the event site. Barely the exhibition will also lower the grade of the organizer. How should we usually maintain the animated dinosaur skin? As mentioned earlier, we need to avoid prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light. Exposure of the sun to the animated dinosaur for a long time will cause the skin of the animated dinosaur to peel, peel and slag. Also avoid the cold weather in the north. The temperature is too low. If it is not like animated dinosaurs produced by Jinbo Culture, they will appear in cities with normal temperature. The skin of the animated dinosaurs will open up. Friends who have seen the animated dinosaurs know the outer skin of animated dinosaurs. It is made of silicone, which can easily be damaged if you use a knife.

When talking about the maintenance of the internal transmission of animated dinosaurs, it is difficult for professionals inside animated dinosaurs to know where the transmission is. Therefore, you must find a professional company like Jinbo Culture to maintain it. In the summer, you must open the animated dinosaurs in the transmission. A layer of lubricating oil is applied on the place. Antifreeze should be placed on the transmission place in winter. Only in this way can the smoothness and resistance of the transmission part of the animation dinosaur be guaranteed.

Finally, the third point of the maintenance of animated dinosaurs is the daily maintenance of the control box. The animated dinosaur control box is also called an animated dinosaur electric box. It controls what an animated dinosaur is called, how long it is called, when it moves, and how long it moves. The brain of time, the electronic motherboard inside it, and the sound control system must be kept dry and regularly cleaned with gasoline. Special attention should be paid to cleaning the connection in the electric box.

Mastering the above three points will definitely make your animated dinosaurs last longer, not only in the exhibition, but also be recognized by everyone. It will also be of great help in Animatronic Dinosaur Rides. We will know more about animated dinosaurs. Update from time to time, welcome to contact us.

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