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How To Distinguish The Quality Of Simulated Dinosaurs?

Dec. 06, 2019

In recent years, the popularity of simulated dinosaurs has promoted the development of many manufacturers. Due to the lack of industry quality standards, each manufacturer has its own production standards, resulting in uneven quality. How should the quality be distinguished for users? The following Museum Dinosaur Manufacturer will come to tell you.

First, look at the outer skin

The artificial dinosaur skin is made of silicone, which has good plasticity, high elasticity and mechanical strength, which can ensure that it does not crack throughout the year. High-quality dinosaur skin is composed of three different materials, which are soft, elastic and have strong anti-aging ability. The poor quality is the use of two layers of material, less than one layer of elastic fibers, which may crack when forced to squeeze.

Listen to internal sounds

At present, there are no standard specifications for the motors used to simulate dinosaurs, and the brand models used by various manufacturers are also endless. High-quality permanent magnet DC motors have the advantages of simple transmission, high power, load protection, and energy saving. Even in high temperature, humid, and cold environments, the sound of motor operation is only the sound of nourishing current. If the quality of the AC motor is poor, the closed space can be very hot for a long time.

Third, look at the weight

Since simulating dinosaurs is not a highly sophisticated technique, it is more appropriate to distinguish quality by weight. To put it bluntly, the heavier the weight, the more abundant the material and the better the quality. For example, the weight of a 4 meter dragon may be between 200 and 400 pounds, due to the different thickness of the inner wall, resulting in different weights.

Fourth, look at supporting facilities

Traditional analog dinosaurs with infrared probe X2, remote control X2, control box X1, and control box waterproof rockery cover X1 are necessary for a better dinosaur experience. In order to better reduce the profit margin, some manufacturers will save the waterproof rocker cover of the control box, which is more troublesome for users and makes their rain shelter more trouble, otherwise the water of the control box will directly damage the components.

After purchasing Animatronic Dinosaur, it needs to be repaired. Every summer is the season with the highest failure rate of simulated dinosaurs. The main reason is the sun exposure. Once the skin of the dinosaur is sunburned, it will cause internal water ingress and cause a series of problems. What materials are needed for repairs and what are the precautions?

Animatronic Dinosaur

First, simulation Dinosaur Repair Materials

Fiber cloth, silicone glue, sponge, needle thread, acrylic paint, gasoline, eyeball, teeth, motor, fuse, welding machine, cutting machine, utility knife, air compressor.

Second, maintenance methods

Using the above materials, the area where the dinosaur's epidermis was damaged in a small area was stitched with stitches, and then evenly coated with silicone glue on the stitched area to prevent water ingress, and then acrylic paint was used to supplement the color.

If the skin is damaged in a large area, you need to fill the sponge first, then adhere the fiber cloth to it with silicone glue, then apply a layer of silicone glue as a waterproof layer, and finally use acrylic paint to dilute it with an air compressor. Combined with spray paint gun.

If the motor is damaged, the first step is to repair the motor. The method is to cut the skin with a utility knife, replace the motor that needs maintenance, and then perform the repair operation.

Third, maintenance precautions

When repairing a simulated dinosaur, we must pay attention to fire and heat protection. In some fractured areas of the steel frame, when the welding operation is required, the skin must be peeled off to avoid sparks or heat generated by welding. The sponge filling layer will be ignited .

Sometimes when repairing the skin, you will encounter water and dust on the surface. Be sure to clean it and then repair it. If conditions permit, you can use the toilet to clean the skin and consider the skin. The effect is best after drying. The above is what materials and precautions are needed for the repair of a simulated dinosaur. If you do not want to repair it yourself, you can contact Animatronic Animal supplier for professional technical repairs. We can complete the repairs efficiently and in a short time.

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