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How to Install Large Scale Animatronic Dinosaur?

Aug. 25, 2023

Installing a large-scale animatronic dinosaur requires careful planning, coordination, and adherence to safety measures. These animatronic dinosaurs are often used in museums, theme parks, exhibitions, and other public spaces for entertainment and educational purposes. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to install a large-scale animatronic dinosaur:


1. Pre-Installation Preparation:

  • Site Evaluation: Assess the installation site to ensure it can accommodate the size and weight of the animatronic dinosaur. Consider factors like floor load capacity, ceiling height, and accessibility.


  • Safety Measures: Prioritize safety by ensuring that the installation area is clear of obstacles and hazards. Implement safety barriers and warning signs to keep visitors away during installation.


  • Logistics and Equipment: Arrange for the necessary equipment, such as cranes, lifts, and scaffolding, to safely maneuver and install the animatronic dinosaur.

High Quality Animatronic Pterosaur

 High Quality Animatronic Pterosaur

2. Unpacking and Assembly:


  • Unpacking: Carefully unpack the animatronic dinosaur components, following the manufacturer's instructions. This includes the body, limbs, head, tail, and any other parts.


  • Assembling the Frame: Begin by assembling the internal frame or structure of the animatronic dinosaur. This frame supports the external components and provides stability.


  • Attaching Limbs and Features: Attach the limbs, head, and tail to the frame according to the manufacturer's guidelines. Ensure secure connections and use appropriate fasteners.


3. Wiring and Mechanics:


  • Electrical Wiring: Connect the animatronic components to the electrical system. This includes motors, sensors, speakers, and lights. Ensure proper insulation and cable management to prevent tripping hazards.


  • Testing: Test each animatronic movement and feature to ensure that they function correctly. Adjust mechanical components as needed to ensure smooth and realistic movements.


4. Mounting and Positioning:


  • Mounting: Carefully move the assembled animatronic dinosaur to its final installation spot using cranes or lifts. This step may require a team of skilled professionals to ensure safety.


  • Positioning: Place the animatronic dinosaur in its intended location, ensuring that it aligns with the desired viewing angles and audience interaction points.


5. Securing and Stabilizing:


  • Anchoring: Depending on the installation site, anchor the animatronic dinosaur to the floor or platform to prevent movement or tipping over. Ensure that the anchoring method does not compromise safety or aesthetics.


  • Stabilization: Adjust the internal mechanisms and components as needed to ensure that the animatronic dinosaur is stable and secure in its position.

    Outdoor Huge Attractive Animatronic Dino Midel Display

 Outdoor Huge Attractive Animatronic Dino Midel Display

6. Aesthetics and Detailing:


  • Skin and Texture: Attach the exterior skin or covering to the animatronic dinosaur. Ensure that it is properly fitted and secured, and that it matches the desired texture and appearance.


  • Painting and Detailing: Apply paint and detailing to match the color, pattern, and texture of the specific dinosaur species. Attention to detail enhances the overall realism.


7. Final Testing and Quality Assurance:


  • Functional Testing: Conduct a thorough test of all animatronic movements, sounds, and features to ensure everything works as intended.


  • Safety Checks: Perform safety checks to ensure that there are no exposed wires, sharp edges, or other potential hazards.


8. Installation Completion:


  • Signage and Information: Install signage or information boards near the animatronic dinosaur to provide educational content, safety instructions, and context about the exhibit.


  • Final Inspection: Have the installation inspected by relevant authorities or safety experts, if required.


  • Opening to the Public: Once the installation is complete and all safety measures are in place, the animatronic dinosaur can be officially opened to the public.


Remember that installing a large-scale animatronic dinosaur requires expertise, specialized equipment, and a strong focus on safety. It's recommended to work closely with professionals who have experience in animatronic installations to ensure a successful and safe installation process.

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