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Safety Requirements Of Simulated Dinosaur Mount Design

Aug. 22, 2019

Here is a Dinosaur Statues Manufacturer talking about safety requirements of simulated dinosaur mount design.

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Outdoor Decoration Dinosaur

Outdoor Decoration Dinosaur

The design of the simulated dinosaur mount must conform to the industry standards to protect the personal health and property safety of the consumer. The design and production standards should comply with the corresponding safety technical regulations and safety technical requirements, including but not limited to the following:

1. The physical performance of the simulated dinosaur mount should meet the needs of consumers aged 5-18 years. The height is controlled below 2.5 meters, and the maximum range of motion is controlled within 30 degrees. The appearance is not sharp.

2. The structure of the dinosaur steel frame should use the national standard, and at the same time need to meet the high-intensity torque requirements in the use process;

3. The selected cable and should be the copper (aluminum) core wire after the national quality inspection, the voltage is not stable or the circuit will not cause a fire;

4. The simulation of the dinosaur mount skin silicone rubber is selected as the acid non-toxic standard, after the factory half a month, the toxic gas should be distributed;

5. Mechanical transmission, hydraulic and pneumatic devices, stroke and limit devices, and brake devices need to be carefully calculated, and there is no downtime during exercise;

6. The electrical and control parts shall meet the standards of amusement equipment in China, and there shall be no program collapse during use;

7. All internal circuits of the simulated dinosaur mount should be 100% insulated, and the exposed wire ends should be wrapped with heat shrinkable tubes;

8. Set more than three start-stop switches, including remote start and stop, consumers start and stop, and force start and stop switches;

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