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Three Principles To Follow To Play A Simulated Dinosaur Mount

Oct. 11, 2019

Here is a Life Size Crocodile Simulation Manufacturer talking about three principles to follow to play a simulated dinosaur mount.

Medium Size Animatronic Dinosaur

Medium Size Animatronic Dinosaur

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With the fierce Chinese amusement market, the simulated dinosaur mounts can be seen in the amusement parks of various cities. The colorful and full of popular and entertaining dinosaur mounts bring great joy to the tourists, although many dinosaur mounts are Placed in a safe semi-enclosed environment, but the simulated dinosaur mount has a certain degree of sportiness. In order to ensure safer play, the following three principles must be followed.

First, do not carry sharp objects

Before playing the simulated dinosaur mount, take out the sharp items that are carried, including the jewelry, keys and other items. After the dinosaur mount is started, the strong movement will make the tourists swing back and forth, and these sharp objects are easy for the players. Causes certain damage. Therefore, we must pay attention to the removal of sharp items to the staff to keep, as a manager should also play a role in management supervision, prevent accidents, start from the details.

Second, it is forbidden to touch the mount at will.

In order to ensure the normal operation of the simulated dinosaur mount, the line and power supply are pre-buried during production, and some lines are still hidden. These components have certain safety hazards for tourists. In particular, you should not pay attention to the dinosaur's mouth, because during the play, the dinosaur's mouth will bite, and the mechanical simulation of the occlusion will cause a strong bite force, so for safety, do not touch the dinosaur mount to prevent danger.

Third, the age limit

In operation, the simulated dinosaur mount has certain restrictions on the age of the tourists. Generally speaking, the dinosaur mount is only used by tourists aged 6-40. The tourists who are too young can not balance in the dinosaur shaking. Visitors under the age of 6 play simulated dinosaur mounts and must be accompanied by a guardian.

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