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What Is The Difference About The Price Of Simulating Dinosaur Mounts?

Sep. 30, 2019

Here is a Museum Dinosaur Manufacturer talking about the difference about the price of simulating dinosaur mounts.

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Real Life Size Dinosaur

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The simulated dinosaur mount belongs to a small class of amusement equipment and is widely used in public places such as parks, plazas, shopping malls, amusement parks and the like. Its appearance is lovely and colorful, and it is very popular among children. However, the price of dinosaur mounts of each manufacturer seems to be different. What are the differences in price?

First, the material difference

The simulated dinosaur mount is a handmade product. The price has a certain relationship with the quality. From the internal steel frame to the motor power, the battery life mileage is different. In the purchase of the price, you need to compare and choose the right one. Own dinosaur mount.

Second, the size

Usually, the price of the simulated dinosaur mount has a large relationship with the size, and the height ratio is converted based on the length. The price is the most cost-effective in the range of 1.8-2.2 meters, and the basic configuration price is 3100-3500. More than 3 meters will be more expensive, and the weight and size will increase at the same time, resulting in a more cumbersome use.

Third, the function configuration

Generally, the simulated dinosaur mounts are sold in the default function configuration. If a custom function configuration is required, the price difference will appear. For example, the timing charging module, the swipe scan code start function, the night view decoration, etc., each function configuration has different prices, for example, the card scan code starts each additional one will increase the cost of 200.

Fourth, the packaging fee

The packaging fee refers to the wooden frame packaging. Usually, the factory defaults to simulate the dinosaur mount for bubble film packaging, and then hand it to the logistics company to play the wooden frame. Different logistics companies charge differently.

Five, freight

Because the simulated dinosaur mount is a large item, it can't send express, only send logistics. Shipping costs are generally communicated in advance, choosing a logistics that is relatively affordable. According to the distance, the general freight rate is 200-450 cubic meters, and the size of each dinosaur mount is about 1 cubic.

The above is the difference between the price of the simulated dinosaur mounts, and of course the difference between the peak seasons. If the price is relatively low in the off-season, the opposite is true. If you need to get the exact price, you can consult customer service staff.

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