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Which Second-Hand Simulation Dinosaurs and Brand New Are More Worth Buying?

Mar. 26, 2020

Simulation dinosaur is a kind of landscape sculpture that has been popular in amusement parks in recent years. Some operators will have a question before buying, which is the second-hand and brand-new which is more worth buying?

Simulation dinosaurs bring a lot of joy to people. Some science pavilions will also cooperate with our  Animal Costume Manufacturer when they are about to hold an event. Provide animal clothing manufacturers with the information they need for dinosaur models. After receiving relevant production materials and related requirements. We will quickly arrange people to carry out preliminary planning, make the entire production process, and in the shortest possible time. Help people make High-Quality Dinosaur Costume or high-quality simulation models. Let these exhibits be presented to people on top of scientific exhibitions.

The simulation dinosaur production process perfectly integrates the exhibits of traditional museums or amusement parks with information technology such as modern element interaction and somatosensory interaction.

1. Dynamic mechanical dinosaur production process: use steel to make dinosaur brackets, plus machinery and transmission, use a high-density sponge for three-dimensional processing to make dinosaur muscle parts, then add fibres to the muscles to increase the strength of dinosaur skin, and finally, dilute with silicone Then, evenly brush the dinosaur muscles to form the dinosaur epidermis, spray the colour, and finally implant the control program, so a complete simulation dinosaur comes out. This kind of dinosaur can make eyes, head, mouth, neck, claws, abdomen, legs, tail and other actions, plus appropriate calls, is very vivid!

2. Sculpture dinosaur production process: There are two kinds of sculpture dinosaur production process and materials, 1. FRP material, 2. Cement sculpture. It still needs steel as the skeleton of the dinosaur, and then the skin of FRP and cement sculpture is attached. Such dinosaurs can be made into different poses and come to life. But he couldn't do the mechanical movement. He is a fixed dinosaur sculpture.

Simulated dinosaurs are suitable for many occasions. Simulated dinosaurs are very attractive and suitable for dinosaur theme parks, playgrounds, scenic areas, shopping centres, museums, real estate propaganda, etc. The effect is obvious.

At present, there are two types of large-scale simulated dinosaur models: simulated mechanical dinosaurs and static simulated dinosaurs. At present, mainly simulated mechanical dinosaurs are on the market. This kind of dinosaurs can do actions, head swing, tail swing, open mouth call, and follow one-to-one Original scale production, the action of dinosaur is made according to the restored dinosaur action, and it comes to life. After years of experience making bionic skeletons and simulated robotic dinosaurs, they are at the leading level in terms of appearance, shape, movement and quality.

Animatronic Dinosaur Suit attracts tourists. If you want to buy animated dinosaur costumes, should you choose new or second-hand? Second-hand is nothing more than saving operating costs. This is a common idea for many people. In fact, second-hand simulation dinosaurs have no advantage except that the price looks cheap. After all, second-hand has been used for several years, the hardware will be somewhat worn. Therefore, the failure rate must be relatively high, and the cost of repairs that have quality problems is very high. It is very troublesome to fix them there. If there are abundant funds, it is definitely to buy a new simulation dinosaur and use it more worry-free. However, in view of the insufficient funds of many operators, it is necessary to find a way to be frugal, and it is not possible to buy second-hand.

Amusement Park Animatronic Dinosaur

Amusement Park Animatronic Dinosaur

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