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Dinosaur Theme Park is Highly Competitive

Dec. 29, 2020

Outdoor display dinosaur park believes that the current domestic theme parks have problems such as homogenous competition. Through animation, etc., culture and economy can be formed to achieve deep integration of culture and tourism. It will invest 48 million yuan to produce the 3D animation film "Jurassic Adventure".

Dinosaur Park Cultural Tourism Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Dinosaur Park) has issued a prospectus planning to be listed on the ChiNext.


From 2017 to 2019, the revenue of Dinosaur Park was 513 million, 580 million, and 653 million, and non-net profit was 67,013,500, 79,596,700, and 92.577 million, respectively.

From 2017 to 2019, the revenue from scenic spots and other park operations (animatronic outdoor dinosaur, merchandise, food sales, venue rentals, lockers, sightseeing cars, etc.) in the Dinosaur Park accounted for 79.61% of the main business revenue respectively, 78.17% and 80.22%.

In the prospectus, Dinosaur Park emphasized:

"The current fierce competition in domestic theme parks presents problems such as similar product experience, unclear theme positioning, and serious homogeneity competition."

 Animatronic Outdoor Dinosaur

Dinosaur Park's response is: "Under the background of cultural and tourism integration, it will become a norm for tourism companies to promote the development of Ontology tourism business through the excavation of cultural resources. Among the many paths to achieving deep integration of culture and tourism, IP building is proven by the industry to be effective It’s one of the options that is exclusive and difficult to imitate." Dinosaur Park believes that its continuous exploration in the creation of independent IP (especially the animation series IP) will gradually highlight its advantages.


Dinosaur Park plans to use the raised funds of 571.7868 million yuan after listing on the GEM (the final amount of raised funds will be determined according to the issuance result). These 570 million yuan will be invested in the construction of projects including 54.3 million yuan in the "Dinosaur IP Upgrade and Cultural and Creative Development Project".

Dinosaur Park believes that through the promotion of dinosaur animation simulation models, theme park electronic dinosaurs, cartoon animation film interpretation, and other channels, the image of dinosaurs is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, forming a huge dinosaur culture and dinosaur economy.


"The creation of animation IP has a good effect on the creation of Dinosaur Park's own brand and the cultivation of loyalty of children's customers. On the one hand, Dinosaur Park can use the rich content carrying capacity of IP to allow audiences from childhood to parents to be able to deeply Understand the dinosaur culture and the dinosaur park brand; on the other hand, effective use of the unique adaptation creation space and communication characteristics of IP, leading the spontaneous communication of social platforms, can fully expand the coverage of the audience and reduce the cost of media promotion."


Dinosaur Park plans to allocate 54.3 million yuan from the funds raised from the listing. The main investments include IP image update design, animation film production and dissemination, cultural and creative product development and design, and cultural and creative product operation.

The production and promotion of the animated film "Jurassic Adventure" will invest 49 million yuan. The film will be produced in full 3D, mainly for movie theaters and the Internet distribution market. "It will integrate elite planning, director, and production teams at home and abroad, and strive to achieve the first-class level of domestic 3D children's animation films in this project."

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