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Learn about Ancient Dinosaurs through Fossils

Aug. 15, 2023

When it comes to dinosaurs, many people's impression of dinosaurs is that they had long sharp teeth, were huge, and had a brutal personality, and would kill even their own kind. Many people have a different kind of affection for dinosaurs, especially for Tyrannosaurus Rex as well as Velociraptor, which were powerful dinosaurs. People have no way to go back to the past, so they can only understand the dinosaurs of ancient times through fossils, using modern technology, such as dinosaur fossil replicate to restore them, which has a colourful dinosaur world.

In fact, there are many kinds of dinosaurs, and they all have their own characteristics. Because the fossils are buried deep in the ground, after being buried by the soil, they will melt with the rocks, so it is difficult for us to find the fossils. So how many species of dinosaurs there are is still an unknown. But with the continuous development of science and technology, I believe that the future can certainly improve the encyclopedia of dinosaurs. This is not, scientists have discovered a new species of dinosaur, this dinosaur and Tyrannosaurus Raptor belong to the same suborder, but the only difference is that this dinosaur does not have teeth.

Dinosaur Fossil Replicate

Some time ago, Australian paleontologists published a paper claiming to have discovered a new species of dinosaur that belonged to the same suborder as Tyrannosaurus rex. In 2015, scientists found the fossil of this dinosaur in Victoria, but unfortunately, scientists searched for a long time and never found the complete fossil, missing the most critical skull fossil, so everything can only be analyzed by speculation. The dinosaur was named "EratheElaphrosaur" (Elaphrosaur) for the time being, according to the name of the place where it was found.

I believe many people are very curious about what this dinosaur actually looked like. Scientists have used modern technology to restore the fossil found and draw an ideal Elaphrosaur. From the picture, this dinosaur has a long neck, lacks teeth and has a distinctive diet structure.


Ideal picture of Ilafrosaurus

Ilafrosaurus had some of the characteristics of a predatory dinosaur, also standing bipedally, with two claws in front that had degenerated and even covered with feathers, this new dinosaur was very short, small about only about two meters. Scientists have found that this dinosaur was long with teeth when it was small, but as it continued to grow in age, its teeth degenerated to the point that by the time it reached maturity, all of its teeth had fallen out. So many people think that this dinosaur may have been a meat-eater when it was small, but when it grew up, it lost all its teeth and became a vegetarian, but scientists are not sure about the details because there are still important fossils missing.


At first, scientists thought that Ilafrosaurus might be a flying reptile, but after analyzing it, they found that something was not right. When it comes to flying reptiles, people think of pterosaurs, but scientists found that Ilafrosaurus was very different from pterosaurs in that the cervical vertebrae of pterosaurs were very distinctive, with a fossa at one end of its main body and the main bone attached to the other end. When the spine of Ilafrosaurus was examined, it was found that it had a fossa at both ends. So it can be decided that Ilafrosaurus was not a pterosaur and this should be a completely new dinosaur.

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