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new robotic dinosaur ride arrived in Peru

Jul. 17, 2019

Coming up the brand new robotic dinosaur ride arrived in Peru.
This group of robotic products including our most popular Animatronic Dinosaur T Rex ride, animatronic velociraptor ride,Dinosaur babys and etc.


Our products are completely based on the original fossil was discovered, with shocking simulation voice, light, electricity, mechanism to produce. It could accomplish the movements of eyes, mouth, head, fore-claws, tail, stomach breath even walk and lay eggs.

 new robotic dinosaur ride arrived in Peru

We specially designed it as an playable product,for kid and adult sit and ride. Start up by infrared inducing, microcomputer control movements and voices. People could find a realistic feeling. The animatronic dinosaur ride are

made for museum, scientific museum,theme park, tour sight, square, and marketplace.

All of our animatronic dinosaurs are made of high advanced materials.

It completely waterproof,The anti-sunburn silicone skin make it durable in Perus erratic weather.


After our customer finished the installation,Theyre satisfied with it.We believe it can bring she tons of profit.Our one year warranty also free her from worries.

Dino Walk Science & Technology Inc.