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Production Process of Animated Dinosaurs

Mar. 17, 2020

The production process of animated dinosaurs is very complicated, including dinosaur models, dinosaur skeletons, dinosaur actions, dinosaur skins and other processes. The Museum Dinosaur Manufacturer will give you a detailed introduction below.

Animation dinosaur model production cycle. The production cycle of animation dinosaurs is mainly determined by the size and material selection. Therefore, the production time of animation dinosaurs cannot accurately tell you directly. Only a simple example can explain the approximate production time of animation dinosaurs.

1. The shape of the internal steel structure is a step in the production of animated dinosaurs. This is an important process because it determines the proportion of the dinosaur shape and requires the installation of a transmission motor to achieve smooth dinosaur motion. Since the welder is required to use the rebar for welding, this time usually takes 2-4 days.

2. The carving of the dinosaur muscle shape is based on transfer welding. The engraving machine glues the entire sponge together and sculpts with an engraving knife. When sculpting, refer to the restoration map or the dinosaur specimen released by the institution to complete the sculpting of the skin texture. This process takes 2-3 days.

3. How is the animation dinosaur action made? This is because the steel frame inside the animation dinosaur is equipped with various motors and reducers and other transmission devices. After careful design by mechanical engineers and electronic engineers, the steel frame supporting the animation dinosaur Under the control of the electronic control box, it can be driven by the motor to make various real actions, and then the "muscle" and "skin" of the animated dinosaur wrapped around to follow it, so that an animated dinosaur can make All kinds of realistic movements. The whole flow of action is like this, it looks very simple, but each step is a process that the animated dinosaur maker wholeheartedly explores, carefully designed, and carefully produced, so it can be said that each animated dinosaur is a real work of art.

4. Dinosaur model in selecting steel. There are many types of steel. According to the different sections, steel is generally divided into plate, profile and pipe. Steel is processed by pressure. According to the processing temperature of steel, it is divided into cold working and hot working. We use hot-worked steel and profiles to make the skeleton of animated dinosaurs. The animated dinosaur skeleton made by thermal processing can increase the life of the steel frame inside the animated dinosaur. Sponge is a porous material with good elasticity. Because the skin of animated dinosaurs needs good flexibility, we generally use low-density polyether sponges, which can sculpt the muscles of animated dinosaurs more.

Animatronic Dinosaur

Animatronic Dinosaur

5. Choice of Animatronic Dinosaur skeleton. Popular science animated dinosaurs mainly make dinosaur models called kinetic dinosaurs through modern restoration techniques, mainly for children to make dinosaur-related science popularization knowledge. Some manufacturers like personalization, and often create dinosaur forms that some scientists have not studied. It is okay to watch them in scenic parks, but if they are not popular science exhibitions, this kind of animated dinosaurs will seriously mislead children's perception. There is something wrong with the children. So we must choose some popular dinosaurs as science.

Generally, popular science animated dinosaurs will be electric for good-looking. After being powered on, dinosaurs can make noises. Children are curious. For this electric mechanical animation dinosaur, some children will reach into the mouth of the dinosaur and have hard teeth. To cause harm to children, the teeth of science popular animation dinosaurs should use silicone soft.

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