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What Materials are Needed for Animated Dinosaur Repairs?

Mar. 10, 2020

In some large scenic spots and parks, we can often see the figure of an animated dinosaur model, or open its teeth and dance, or have a good attitude, and can make vivid movements and make horrible calls. Every summer is the season with the highest failure rate of animated dinosaurs, mainly due to sun exposure. Once the dinosaur skin is sunburned, it will cause internal water ingress and cause a series of problems. What materials are needed for repairs and what are the precautions? The following Museum Dinosaur Manufacturer can give you a detailed introduction.

First we need to know the materials for making animated dinosaurs. The most common material is sponge silicone, which is characterized by softness and elasticity. And the touch is very real, just like touching a real creature. A motor and a transmission structure are installed inside to make a dinosaur model with action function.

At the time of production, steel materials such as channel steel square tubes and square tubes are used first, and the dinosaur-shaped steel skeleton is cut according to the design drawings. Then weld according to the action of the animated dinosaur model. The moving parts are welded into a movable joint, and the non-moving parts are directly welded into a fixed structure.

Next, the dinosaur is equipped with a motor and a transmission structure. The motor can use a DC brush motor or a stepper motor. There is also a pneumatic animation dinosaur that can only use a cylinder. No matter if you use a motor or a cylinder, you can make a cool model, but the cost of the cylinder is relatively higher.

Finally, the sponge is used as a base. The artist creates a corresponding rough model of the dinosaur according to the type and shape of the dinosaur. After adding the skin fiber, it can be colored by waterproof sealing process. Generally, the color is oily acrylic paint. Prevent discoloration after rain.

After the production is completed, a motion program is written, and an animated dinosaur model is considered to be completed. Of course, there is a dinosaur model made of FRP, but the surface of the material is hard, and a motor cannot be added to produce dynamic effects. And it is easy to fade and crack when placed outdoors for a long time.

The following introduces the materials for repairing animated dinosaurs.

The materials needed are: fiber cloth, silicone glue, sponge, needle thread, acrylic paint, gasoline, eyeball, teeth, motor, fuse, welding machine, cutting machine, utility knife, and air compressor.

Animatronic Dinosaur Repair:

Using the above materials, stitch the small damaged areas of the animated dinosaur's epidermis with a needle and thread, and then evenly apply silicone glue to the sutures to prevent water ingress. Then use acrylic paint to make up the color. If the skin is damaged in a large area, you need to fill the sponge first, then adhere the fiber cloth to it with silicone glue, then apply a layer of silicone glue as a waterproof layer, and finally use acrylic paint to dilute it with an air compressor. Combined with paint spray gun. If the motor is damaged, the first step is to repair the motor. The method is to cut the skin with a utility knife, replace the motor that needs maintenance, and then perform the repair operation.

Animatronic Dinosaur

Animatronic Dinosaur

In addition, Animal Costume Manufacturer also reminds you of the precautions when repairing.

When repairing animated dinosaurs, we must pay attention to fire and heat protection. In some steel frame fracture areas, when welding is required, the skin must be peeled off to avoid sparks or heat generated by welding. The sponge filling layer will be ignited. . Sometimes when repairing the epidermis, there will be water and dust on the surface. Be sure to clean it and then repair it. If conditions permit, you can use the toilet to clean the epidermis. The effect of the repair is best after drying.

The above is what materials and precautions are needed for animation dinosaur repair. If you do not want to repair it yourself, you can contact us if you need professional technical repair. You can complete the repair efficiently and in a short time.

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