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Scientists Have Catalogued More than 1,100 Extinct Dinosaurs

Mar. 22, 2021

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The earliest fossils of Echinosaurus were found in Egypt in the 1910s, but were destroyed during the German bombing of the Second World War. Nonetheless, the original fossil field notes, sketches and photographs that survived, as well as some isolated bones and teeth found in the late 20th century, still suggest that this mysterious, sailing creature had some sort of aquatic lifestyle. For example, the conical teeth of the Spinosaurus were perfect for catching fish, so paleontologists have speculated that it may have dragged the shallows and plucked fish out of the water like a heron or grizzly bear.

The excavated appendages, shaped like paddles and about 17 feet long, revealed in Nature, are the most extreme aquatic adaptations found in a large predatory dinosaur. It is a hard-won revelation that stretches the outer limits of how researchers believe dinosaurs moved through their environment.

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It is fitting that dinosaurs are so fascinating. For 150 million years they ruled the entire landscape of the ancient Earth and lived on the seven continents of today. During their reign dinosaurs were hugely successful, adapting to all shapes and sizes.

Brusat and others estimate that scientists have catalogued more than 1,100 extinct dinosaurs, and this is only a subset of the species that once lived, as fossils have only occurred in a few environments. Their story continues to this day. When an asteroid slammed into Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula 66 million years ago and wiped out three-quarters of life on Earth, a group of dinosaurs survived: these feathery creatures are now known to us as birds.

Western science did not formally study dinosaurs until the 1820s, but what we have learned reveals much about how terrestrial animals were affected by our changing planet.

As continents drifted and recombined - and as temperatures and sea levels rose and fell - dinosaurs persisted. What can we learn from their response and resilience? Telling such an epic story requires a global search for dinosaur skeletons and has never before been achieved by palaeontologists from Alaska to Zimbabwe.


Inside, IVPP is more of a time machine than a theme park. Farmers, researchers and fossils from Liaoning province in northeast China since the 1990s, which have turned our understanding of how dinosaurs looked and behaved upside down. Many retain traces of feathers which confirm that feathers evolved before dinosaurs flew. Some fossils also reveal, in dramatic fashion, that dinosaurs other than the closest ancestors of birds also tried to overcome gravity.

Few dinosaurs better reflect the ever-changing image than the ever-changing picture. Some scientists used to think that raven-sized animals like modern aye-ayes used four-inch-long fingers to catch bugs. But in 2015, IVPP researchers revealed a bizarre member of the group that turned out to be a lost dead end in the origins of flight.

Fossils from China, and from equally remarkable sites around the world, preserve traces of various tissues. in 2014, researchers announced that they had discovered a duck-billed dinosaur (Edmontosaurus regalis) (a duck-billed dinosaur) in western Canada whose cockle-shaped mummies were fleshy, just like the ones you see on roosters. Despite knowing about dinosaurs for almost a century, no one knew about this structure. Dinosaur bones suggest that these creatures used exaggerated body parts to attract companions and jockeys to gain social status, just as modern animals do, or to find their relatives. With Edmontosaurus and other dinosaurs with soft tissue, paleontologists are seeing hints of the true splendour of these displays.





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