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Tyrannosaurus Rex in Jurassic Park

Aug. 15, 2023

The King Kong ride inspired Spielberg's original plan to build a dinosaur.  

The logistics of Spielberg's original plan to bring the animatronic dinosaur to life were inspired by the "King Kong En" ride at Universal Studios. Disney Imagineer Bob Gurr designed Kong as a full-sized animatronic with an inflatable balloon-like skin wrapped around a wireframe. Unfortunately, the plan to build all of Jurassic Park's dinosaurs into something resembling full-size animatronics proved to be too expensive.

To get rid of the dinosaurs, Spielberg had to get creative. Since dinosaurs could not be life-size electronic entertainment, Spielberg had to be different, and so he assembled a group of special effects legends to create his own vision of Jurassic Park.

Stan Winston and his team (who created the exoskeleton by The Terminator) would build and operate the life-size dinosaur robots. Some of the creations, including the Tyrannosaurus Rex, are complete dinosaurs, but most are just the top half (including the heads and torsos of some dinosaurs), while others are just the bottom half, including legs and claws.

Animatronic Dinosaur

Jurassic Park opened up a new CG base.

Spielberg was not happy with the extensive test shots of the dinosaurs; they just didn't have the realism. So Mullen and his ILM team, spurred on by their revolutionary experience designing and integrating fully computer-generated characters into films such as The Abyss and Terminator 2: Judgement Day, showed Spielberg early CGI dinosaur tests of a set of Gallimimus skeletons crossing a field. Spielberg was in awe of the movement and realism of the special effects, but he remained wary that they would not be subjected to rigorous scrutiny - nor did he want to completely abolish Tippett's actual animation talents. The director, therefore, urges Muren and ILM to go the extra mile. When they returned with a fully rendered CG test of the Tyrannosaurus rex, the director walked across the field in broad daylight and decided to shoot full CGI to get some shots.

In order to create realistic dinosaurs, the special effects artists had to blend into the characters.

The digital artists shot their own footage like the Garimimimos sheep to act as an animated treatment for the stampede scene. It helped them to establish more realistic instinctive behaviour. Meanwhile, Stan Winston's crew built the raptor suit . and into which.

Only one robotic dinosaur actually made it onto Hawaii.

Winston's team created the robot from highly detailed drawings, first making small-scale and full-size clay models from the drawings and then constructing a remote-controlled skeleton that could move under the robot dinosaur's latex skin. This is a miniature documentary produced by the Stan Winston School about the T. Rex, which according to the staff is as dangerous as a real dinosaur.

Grant and Lex may have been food for T. Rex.

Although T. rex may have hunted based on scent, it was uncertain at the time Jurassic Park was built whether the giant dinosaur's vision was based on movement. As some reptiles have this trait, consultant Jack Horner was not opposed to having Spielberg include it in the film. However, recent research suggests that the Tyrannosaurus Rex may have had a very good vision.

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