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What Materials And Precautions Are Needed To Simulate Dinosaur Repairs?

Aug. 14, 2019

Here is Big Size Animatronic Dinosaur Factory talking about the materials and precautions are needed to simulate dinosaur repairs.

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Simulation Animatronic Dinosaur

Simulation Animatronic Dinosaur

Every summer, it is the season with the highest failure rate of simulated dinosaurs, mainly due to sun exposure. Once the dinosaur skin is sunburned, it will cause internal water to enter, causing a series of problems. What materials do you need to repair and what are the precautions?

First, the repair materials of Simulation Animatronic Dinosaur

Fiber cloth, silicone glue, sponge, needle thread, acrylic paint, gasoline, eyeball, teeth, motor, fuse, welder, cutting machine, utility knife, air compressor.

Second, the maintenance method

Using the above materials, the position of the small area of the simulated dinosaur epidermis was stitched with needlework, and then evenly spread on the suture with silicone glue to prevent water ingress, and then supplemented with acrylic paint.

If the large area of the skin is damaged, you need to fill the sponge first, then use the silicone glue to adhere the fiber cloth to it, then brush a layer of silicone glue as the waterproof layer, and finally use the air compressor after diluting with acrylic paint. Combined with the spray gun to complement the color.

If there is motor damage, you need to repair the motor in the first step. The method is to cut the skin with a utility knife, replace the motor that needs to be repaired, and then perform the skinning operation.

Third, maintenance considerations

When carrying out the simulation of dinosaur maintenance, it is necessary to pay attention to fire and heat protection. In some steel frame fracture areas, when welding operation is required, the skin should be peeled off in a large area to avoid sparks or heat generated by welding, and the sponge filling layer will be ignited. 

Sometimes when repairing the skin, you will encounter water and dust on the surface. Be sure to clean it and then repair it. The condition allows you to use the toilet bowl to clean the skin. After drying, the maintenance effect is best.

The above is what materials and precautions for simulating dinosaur maintenance. If you don't want to repair it yourself, you need professional technical maintenance to get in touch with us, and you can complete the repair with high efficiency and high quality in a short time.

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