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How Does The Simulated Dinosaur Park Face Competition?

Aug. 08, 2019

Here is Life Size Crocodile Simulation Manufacturer talking about how does the simulated dinosaur park face competition.

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Animatronic Animal

Animatronic Animal

First, how does the simulation dinosaur park quickly seize the market opportunity?

In the third- and fourth-tier cities where the dinosaur paradise project has not yet been simulated, as long as the urban population is over 200,000, there are huge market opportunities. While quickly taking the lead in the market, developers must also respond to market competition and threats to prevent being overtaken.

(1) Scale control: Each park should determine the scale of investment according to local market demand, and blind investment will result in waste of project funds. According to the general consumption power of the third- and fourth-tier cities, the total investment of the new simulation dinosaur park should be controlled within 10 million, and the park area should be within 100 mu, and there are corresponding supporting facilities.

(2) Equipment cost: It is not recommended to purchase expensive imported simulated dinosaurs in third- and fourth-tier cities. Imports will greatly increase the cost and will greatly affect the investment recovery period. The proposal is to choose a domestically produced simulated dinosaur with high cost performance.

(3) Ticket price: The main consumption of Dinosaur Park is that parents meet the needs of children and are also a consumer group with a high rate of return. A family of three of these consumer groups accounted for the majority. Therefore, the general consumption control of a family of three is less than 200 yuan. This consumer price can be accepted by most tourists. The price of adult tickets is between 30-60 yuan.

(4) Storytelling: This type of simulated dinosaur paradise story tells the commanding heights of regional culture. Selecting cultural elements from popular science knowledge, telling a story of interesting and ups and downs, letting visitors enter the story experience in the process of playing, and increase the rate of returning through story packaging.

Second, how does the business simulation dinosaur park face fierce competition?

Nowadays, a big business is almost impossible. The same is true for the simulated dinosaur park. If there is already a paradise in the city where it is located, is it to continue to join the competition team, or is it another project? The results can be obtained by the following observations.

1. Carefully research the parks that have been opened, analyze their successes and shortcomings, and analyze them from scale, equipment, operation and marketing.

2. Investigate the consumption level of the urban area, initially judge the market share of the park, and see if it can support multiple parks at the same time.

3. Combined with competition analysis and market research and judgment, determine where the competitive advantage of the simulated dinosaur park invested by you, find one or two highlights to the extreme, you can open a way out in the fierce market competition.

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