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What Material Is Used To Make Simulate The Dinosaur Model?

Jul. 17, 2019

In some large scenic spots and parks, we can often see the figure of the simulated dinosaur model, or the Walking Animatronic Dinosaur,or the claws, or the Animatronic Dinosaur, which can make a lively movement and a horrible cry. Presumably, many tourists will be curious about what materials are used to make these simulate dinosaur models?

Animatronic Dinosaur

Animatronic Dinosaur

A common material is sponge silica gel, which is characterized by softness and elasticity. And the touch is very real, just like touching a real creature. The motor is rein stalled inside and the transmission structure is used to create a dinosaur model that can take action.

At the time of production, the steel material such as the square tube of the channel is first used, and the steel skeleton of the dinosaur shape is cut according to the design drawing. The welding is then performed according to the action of the simulated dinosaur model. The parts with motion are welded into the movable joint, and the parts without motion are directly welded to the fixed structure.

Next, the dinosaurs are equipped with a motor and a transmission structure. If the motor is used, a DC brush motor or a stepper motor can be used, and a pneumatic simulation dinosaur can only use a cylinder. No matter whether it is a motor or a cylinder, a cool force model can be produced, but the cost of the cylinder is relatively high.

Finally, using the sponge as the base, the artist can make the corresponding dinosaur model rough mold according to the shape of the dinosaur, and the skin fiber can be colored after the waterproof sealing process, and the color is generally oily acrylic paint. Prevent fading after rain.

After the production is completed, the exercise program is written. A simulated dinosaur model is completed. Of course, there is a dinosaur model of FRP material, but the surface of the material is hard, and the dynamic effect of the motor can not be added. And it is easy to fade and crack when placed outdoors for a long time.

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