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The Precautions Of Selection Of Simulated Dinosaurs

Sep. 02, 2019

Here is a professional Animatronic Dinosaur Suit Factory talking about the precautions of selection of simulated dinosaurs.

There are many varieties of dinosaur products in the simulation dinosaur production company. Some of them are reliable and durable for ten years, some are as low as 1,000 yuan, and there are cheap and profitable simulation dinosaurs. How can consumers choose the simulation dinosaurs that suit them? What?

Animatronic Dinosaur

Animatronic Dinosaur

There are several groups of people using simulated dinosaurs. The first is to do dinosaur exhibitions in the scenic spot, the second is to make dinosaurs in the mall, and the third is to buy artificial dinosaurs for profit.

First, how to choose an artificial dinosaur suitable for your own exhibition?

1. If you are renting a Animatronic Dinosaur, you should avoid more than 16 meters long, because once the 16-meter-old simulated dinosaur is very troublesome and expensive to transport and install.

2. If you are buying a simulated dinosaur, you should try to choose the function of the dinosaur when you choose a dinosaur. Some dinosaurs with many functions are very troublesome in maintenance and repair after sale.

Second, the mall to do simulation dinosaur theme beauty Chen build.

1. The mall generally do simulation dinosaur theme will temporarily rent dinosaurs, should be selected according to the characteristics of their own shopping malls, such as high floor, you can choose some higher dinosaurs, such as simulation wrist dragon, if the floor is shorter You can choose a relatively short one, such as the simulation Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops.

2. In the selection of simulated dinosaurs need to pay attention to the location of the mall, if it is placed on the second floor and the third floor, you should pay attention to the size of the mall's freight elevator, can be loaded into the selected simulation dinosaur, if you go to the mall, you can not find In the building, it is very troublesome to carry it by hand.

Third, personal purchase of simulated dinosaur profit how to choose.

1. If it is for the square and some small-scale profit projects, the first simulation of dinosaur mounts when selecting simulated dinosaurs, the price is not expensive, usually only one less than 5000 pieces, and the charge is considerable, take a 20 yuan, one day down A lot of profit.

2 If the individual buys a simulated dinosaur for the exhibition to receive tickets, it is recommended to choose an 8 meter large simulation Tyrannosaurus, 9 small simulation dinosaurs, this combination is a flatbed can be loaded, and the size will not be too high, Installation is also very convenient.

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