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Safety Precautions Of Playing Simulation Dinosaur During Mid-autumn Festival

Sep. 11, 2019

With the advent of the Mid-Autumn Festival, many parents have already taken their children on the road to travel. Many scenic parks will also place some simulated dinosaurs for tourists to play in this festival. Here, the dinosaur manufacturers are simulated. According to their many years of experience, visitors are reminded to pay attention to safety. What are the safety issues for the simulation of dinosaurs in the Mid-Autumn Festival? Life-size Dinosaur Models Manufacturer would like to share with you.

Real Life Size Dinosaur

Real Life Size Dinosaur

First, beware of children's loss

Parents must watch the children when they encounter the photos of the Animatronic Dinosaur. The simulated dinosaurs have great appeal to the children. It is very likely that when the children are lax, the parents ran to play and simulate the dinosaurs. Parents are in sight, and children are easily taken into the crowd.

Second, beware of artificial dinosaurs accidentally injured

Many parents and children think that this year's Mid-Autumn Festival is the first time to see a simulated dinosaur. They are curious about the replicas of these prehistoric giants, and it is easy to make some dangerous moves. For example, when the simulated dinosaur is still, put the head inside the dinosaur head to take pictures. Remember, this kind of action is very dangerous. The simulated dinosaur is driven by infrared. Once people are close to a few seconds, the powerful motor drives the head, and biting people can cause very big damage.

Third, pay attention to money

The scenic spot with simulated dinosaurs must be overcrowded. The scene with many people is the best mobile phone for the thief. Especially the tourists put the bag on the ground and simulate the dinosaur to take pictures, which provides the thief with an excellent chance of stealing. Therefore, you must be optimistic about money when you play, don't let the thief have a chance.

The above is a safety issue that needs to be paid attention to when playing Real Life Size Dinosaur in Mid-Autumn Festival. I hope everyone can have fun during the holidays. Only pay attention to safety when playing to avoid unnecessary security problems.

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