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How Much Does Simulation Dinosaur Exhibition Rental Cost?

Jun. 20, 2020

With the advent of autumn, the weather gradually cools, and some outdoor activities are also increasing. Especially-some scenic spots, want to use this tourist season to attract a large number of tourists, which will think of simulated dinosaur exhibition, but do not know how to charge like a rental, today Amusement Park Animatronic Dinosaur will explain to you!

In terms of exhibition rental fees, there are roughly two categories: round-trip freight and simulated dinosaur rent. If it is subdivided, it is divided into installation fee, demolition fee, rent, damage maintenance fee, security deposit, etc. The highest among them are rent and round-trip freight.

According to the Animatronic Dinosaur exhibition, it is divided into three types: small, medium and large. Among them, small-scale exhibitions are probably more than 10 dinosaurs with a length of 4-5 meters, while the number of medium-sized exhibition dinosaurs is about 20-30, the number of large-scale exhibition dinosaurs exceed 30, and there are larger dinosaurs.

Different Amusement Park Animatronic Dinosaurs have different billing methods for different manufacturers, and some are based on how much money per meter-a month, according to the difference in dinosaur species and function, it is about 500-800 yuan per meter, starting from the date of shipment to the factory. , Less than-one month is calculated on a monthly basis, more than-one month discount calculation. Some are calculated according to the average price of each article, so this calculation is not cost-effective for the renter.

huge animatronic T-rex fighting velociraptor for dinosaur park

huge animatronic T-rex fighting velociraptor for dinosaur park

The second is the freight. Generally, the simulated dinosaur rentals are transported by trailer, with Zigong as the midpoint, and the unilateral freight varies from 4,000 to 20,000 according to the distance.

If the area is far away, we do not recommend renting a simulated dinosaur. It is possible that the rental of a dinosaur is not as high as the freight. May wish to change the way of thinking, you can buy-some for long-term use.

Finally, there are installation and dismantlement fees, calculated according to how much local labor is per day and how much the crane is per hour. If the company needs to send someone to maintain the simulated dinosaur exhibition, the monthly salary plus subsidy calculation is about 6,000 yuan per person per month.

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