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Four Precautions for Customizing Large-Scale Simulation Dinosaur Models

Oct. 20, 2020

The simulation of animatronic dinosaur is to use modern technology to restore the pictures based on dinosaur fossils. First, the structure department uses a steel frame to make the dinosaur shape and reserves the position of the power transmission device, and then the product is delivered to the transmission department, and the motor is installed according to customer needs, driveshaft, reducer; next, the department responsible for electrical appliances installs wires for the product motors, commonly known as flat cables. After the wiring is completed, the motherboard is made and the program is written.

Customization of large-scale simulation dinosaur models is an important core part of many dinosaur theme parks. The quality of the choice will directly affect the later use. How to customize it? There are four points to pay attention to.

1. Quality and safety issues

I often see accidents in the operation of an amusement park equipment in the news, and the large-scale simulation dinosaur model is one of the types of amusement. Since most tourists have poor self-protection awareness and poor quality, there will be many hidden dangers in later use. This shows that quality is the first issue to consider.

Animatronic Dinosaur

2. Cost-effectiveness also needs to be considered

Quality is important, but cost performance is also very important. Generally speaking, the price of the same dinosaur model is the same, but some manufacturers provide more attractive conditions, such as warranty duration, gifts, after-sales, and service, etc.

3. The appearance of a dinosaur

The customized appearances of large-scale simulation dinosaur models vary greatly. Tourists are particularly interested in beautiful and brighter colors. They can also attract tourists in a short time and arouse their interest. So when choosing, try to choose a good-looking appearance and brightly colored dinosaur model.

4. Dinosaur size

The customization of large simulation dinosaur models is configured according to the size of the site. For example, outdoor users can choose some large ones with a height of 5-6 meters, which are very imposing. However, the coastal areas should not choose the ones that are too tall, or they may be vulnerable to safety hazards in typhoon weather. And some ecological scenic spots, mountain type scenic spots are not suitable for the choice of large size, otherwise, the installation problem will become great trouble.

The above information is provided by big size animatronic dinosaur factory.

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